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Shop Air Adapter RX350 (16-22) w/parking sensor blocker

Shop Air Adapter RX350 (16-22) w/parking sensor blocker

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This tool allows for butter smooth experience hooking up the shop air to your 2016-2022 RX350 (doesn't fit h or L models).

- This design was made because I was tired of the shop exhaust hose popping off, when I rev RX350's. Fits snug around the exhaust tip and shop air hose (fits standard shop exhaust hose diameters 3.7"-5.1").

- The original design lasted the test of time, with one year of abuse/neglect. With no flaws other than being dirty and used. 

- This design is extremely breathable, which makes it very hard to pop off either end. This comes from the hybrid overflow/cooling vents.

- These vents that start at the narrow end of the adapter, suck cool ambient air through the tool. Cooling the plastic, giving it a very long lifespan life. From the reduced amplitude of temperature change, over heat cycles. But the vents also act as a pressure dumping device if the flow exceeds shop air capabilities (if shop air isn't on) 

- This model has parking sensor blockers to prevent technicians from driving off with the hose/adapter 

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